For Asheville City Council

Brian Haynes

With over 100 supporters in the room, Brian's heartfelt speech was well received by his listeners. He received much applause and brought about a feeling of optimism into the room.  It was a great start to a great campaign.


I would like to start by thanking Jeff and Russ and all the staff at The Grey Eagle for allowing us to be here today!  It is much appreciated. I would also like to thank The Broadcast for their wonderful music and support in being here today.  Thank you.  And most of all I would like to thank ALL of you for coming out today.  I can't believe how many people that I know and love are in this room.  I would like to thank my family who mean so much to me.  Susan, my wife, and my two sons Austin and Dylan.  They are such wonderful young men and we could not be more proud.

Having never run for public office, I had no idea how to run a successful campaign, only the desire to serve our city and the people I love.  I did not get in this race to lose and I am fully dedicated to the challenge that is ahead of me. 

A lot of people in this town are very concerned that we have been putting the economic growth of our city ahead of the many needs of the people who live here.  While this is occurring, our need for more sidewalks, bike lanes, safe and less crowded roadways is greater than ever.

Through my 10 year involvement with Habitat for Humanity it should be clear that I am passionate about affordable housing.  This is one issue I'm convinced to be a top priority and I find to be the leading concern in our community.  To me these issues are much more important than building the next high rise or making another magazine's top ten list.

Over the past thirty years Asheville has transformed into this amazing city that we now live in.  Through steady organic growth, and the dreams of it's people we have managed to become a land mark in this country and one of the most innovative voices in our entire region.

The filing date for this race ended Friday.  There are now 16 candidates in the field and all should be welcome.  Yet, I have heard on numerous occasions that 2 of the 3 seats have all but been decided.  If so,  that leaves on seat for the remaining 14 candidates.  I do not believe this has to be so.  It is important that the voters look at all the candidates and determine for themselves who they would like to see represent our community.  I decided to run as an independent to avoid political parties and to face the issues as a representative of all of Asheville's people.

Thanks you again, to everyone who came out tonight.  I would like to wrap up by reiterating that this is a grass roots campaign and I am going to need all you your help.  With your continued support we can offset the status quo and move this city into the direction of the future.