Brian Haynes

​​​As a native son and long time resident of Asheville,  I have decided to run for Asheville City Council to serve the people and city I love.

In recent years it seems that  we have put  more emphasis on growth  than we have on meeting the concerns and well-being of our citizens.

As a former downtown business owner who, along with many ot
her independent,
like-minded entrepreneurs, helped bring about the rebirth of downtown, I would llke
to see that same sort of organic reasonable growth be the model for our future. 

While tourism is important, looking out for the best interests of the residents, workers, local businesses the infra structure of the city and those not being heard is equally important. I want to be a progressive voice that works toward these goals.

I intend to serve all the people of Asheville; and also to be an advocate for those least represented, such as the working class who can not afford to live here and the African-American community who has seen little benefit from our recent years of growth. 

Finally,  I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I will be a good listener and an honest broker for all.

                                                        ABOUT BRIAN

Brian Haynes was born and raised in Asheville. Brian has a wife, Susan, and two sons  who all live and work in the City of Asheville. Brian and Susan reside in the River Arts District. He is a former local business owner and current employee of Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity..    

Brian supports local. He believes in supporting local independent businesses, both large and small. He supports local farming, local food production, local restaurants and shops. He believes that all businesses in Asheville should pay a living wage, along with being environmentally responsible. He also believes that we should not recruit new business that do not comply with these standards.

As an employee of Asheville Habitat for Humanity, Brian has come to realize the importance of safe, decent and affordable housing for all. The need for adequate and affordable housing in Asheville is probably the foremost priority on the collective mind of our community. Brian believes in looking at a broader picture which includes, not only the need for affordable housing, but also earning the wages necessary to live a comfortable lifestyle. This, in turn, will improve the quality of life for all of Asheville's residents.

Brian is a strong supporter of the arts community. He has a passion for the arts on a whole and a strong love for music. He, himself, is a folk artist. He lives in the River Arts District and wants to ensure that artists and craftsmen are not overlooked in Asheville's growth process. Brian has always and continues to supports local musicians. He comes from a musical family.  Brian and his wife owned, the locally renowned music store, Almost Blue, and a local's favorite downtown bar, The Basement, for many years. By understanding that our music and arts community is a big reason our tourism industry thrives, Brian strives to ensure that Asheville can be an affordable city for both artist and musicains to live and work.

Brian wants to serve all the people of Asheville. He wants to be an advocate for those least represented. Our recent years of growth have made us one of the best cities in the country, but our working-class citizens have not benefited from this growth. Brian wants to look out for those interests, as well as all the people of Asheville.

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