Local Businesses that Support Brian Haynes

                  for Asheville City Council

All Souls Pizza

The Amp Shop

Appalachian Realty

Asheville Face Painting

Beauty Parade

Blue Dream Curry House

Bon Vivant

The Burger Bar

The Cork and Keg

The Double Crown

Echo Mountain Recording Studio

Empire Tattoo


The Grey Eagle

Guitar Trader

Harvest Records

Henco Printing

Hip Replacements

Homegrown Resturant

Hookah Hookup


Jack of the Wood

The Laughing Seed

The Lazy Diamond

Musicians Workshop

Orbit Video

Perferred Cuts Barber and Beauty

Public School

Rise N Shine Cafe

RSFrue Studios

Sherwoods Music

Town and Mountain Realty

Thorton Realty

Uptown A la Carte Hotdog Stand

West Village Deli & Market

Westville Pub

The Weinhaus

The Yatch Club

Brian Haynes

For Asheville City Council